Glen Ellyn Fence Company

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Quality fences are a very important in Glen Ellyn as they ensure that children are safe and pets are kept in their appropriate places. At SP Fence we understand the need of putting up proper fences either in the front or back yard to enhance security. We offer fences made from a variety of materials such as aluminum, PVC, woods and chain link. Most of these fences are appropriate for the residences in the area and will make the homes even more attractive.

As a Glen Ellyn Fence Company, we are not limited to only offering residential fencing services but can also install fences for commercial properties. No matter the fence size, we are able to install the fence and make sure the work done is satisfactory. We also offer consultation services to business owners in the Glen Ellyn area who might not have an idea of where to start when it comes to selecting an appropriate fence. We are able to advise accordingly and ensure that the fence that you choose is installed per your specifications on the property.

Repair work on different types of fences and styles is our other strength, with most of the fences being restored back to a much newer appearance. To employ our services in Glen Ellyn, you can contact us directly for a free estimate, 630-514-2558.

Warrenville Fence Company

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We are experts in installing fences for both residential and commercial clients in the Warrenville, IL area. The fences that we specialize in are varied and include wood, PVC, aluminum and chain link which are appropriate for most of the properties in the area. As the population of Warrenville continues to grow so does the number of neighborhoods in the area, which makes the fencing services we provide much more needed now and in the future. We provide detailed attention to all our clients to ensure that the fence they envision is what they get after the installation is done. Furthermore, we also advice both residential and commercial property owners on the best type of fence, in case they are unsure of their choice.

For instance, if you only want to repair your fence then you are still at the right place because we can do repair work for you at an affordable cost. As a local Warrenville Fence Company that prides itself in quality work, we extend this to even the repair work that we do on different types of fences. The result of the work done on repaired fences is almost always as that of a new fence and it is likely your neighbors will be wondering the same too.  For an estimate on any type of repair work on fences in the Warrenville area, contact us directly at 630-514-2558. In addition, estimates on fence installation are also available for residential or commercial fencing to help you make an informed decision on the one that is most appropriate.

We are a fencing company that is insured and the fencing work is done by professionals who are able to install as well as repair fences in the Warrenville area. The work is done within the shortest time possible, usually 2-3 weeks. Thank you for considering us.

Broken down fence leading to pedestrian fatalities

River city police are under fire this week as allegations of unrecorded reports of a hole in a fence that
lead to a canal led to the accidental drowning of 2 year old boy Donoven Lopez. Officials say that prior
to the incident there was only one recorded complaint of the whole in the fence from nearly three years
ago. Jeff Hawker, Riverton spokesperson, attests that although several complaints are often received
and written down, there is no real requirement to record every complaint. Neighbors disagree, saying
that they noticed the large hole, and immediately reported it to city officials, yet still had not been
repaired. Park employees claim that the fence had been repaired nearly three weeks prior, however
graffiti and vandals must have re-damaged it. Due to the complaint that actually was documented,
the city spent 16,000 to put a brand new fence in its place. City officials are adamant by saying that
although tragic this was a isolated incident, and normally these matters as it pertains to the fence are
worked on the same day as the complaint. Ultimately city officials have made it a priority to figure out in
the coming months how to make the canal safer.

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Township calls halt to fence construction

Daniel Hernandez and his wife Jenny were denied permission to build a fence that would surround
their property late last week. The reason for the construction was to protect the safety of their children
from the busy intersection at Broadway and Adams. The couple owned and operated a home day care
center, and felt the chain fence would be the most effective means to keep children from running into
the street. Originally, their request was granted, however township officials stepped in claiming that
the fence was unsightly and obstructed the view of motorists. Under state law because of the couple’s
location to the intersection, there are certain zoning restrictions that township officials exploited in
order to squash the project. Although city officials shut down the project, a spoke person commended
their efforts for safety and cited alternative options that could be enacted behind the property.

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Children thrown over a fence!

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The S.S.E.L Center was over taking by a serious fire this past week. The center opened its door in Nov.
2009 and specialized in the early development of children 6 weeks – 5 yrs old. The real story is the blaze
caught the day care center as 21 children were attending the facility. All 21 children were rescued by
daycare workers handing them over a fence from what could have otherwise been a tragic incident.
Chief Gaines of the Murfreesboro Fire Department attests the aversion of any lives lost or children
seriously injured to the excellent and “textbook” thinking of the daycare workers. As soon as the fire
alarm sounded daycare workers escorted children outdoors according to fire drill rules, although
trapped by smoke and heat to the rear of the building. Daycare workers handed children over the fence
one by one to police officers positioned on the other side. Anthony Skok, police officer first on scene,
believes that their quick actions and smart thinking helped save lives.

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