City to incur cost of seemingly uninsured fence

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Merril may take an $118,000 loan to repair their Municpal Airport’s fence that was damaged during
a Tornado that ravaged the fence in April. The fence was insured by Crawford Co., however it is there
claim that the fence was left uninsured at the time of the incident, and therefore they are not liable for
any payouts for damages incurred. The city claims that when the policy was renewed it was not listed
as insurable, and therefore they had no knowledge that it needed to be and would not be covered in
a storm. They have appealed the verdict in hopes that courts will turn over the decision. Even so, they
have not halted their places to repair the fence. Already the city council voted to allow a larger budget
to include fence repairs, which TSA officials say or extremely important for airport safety. The primary
reason for the fences is local wildlife obstructing incoming and outgoing plans, one such accident
cost nearly 75,000 dollars worth of damage. It is likely that the appeals process will yield favorable
results considering in both 2007 and 2008, similar payouts were issued for similar damage from natural

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