Drunk women sues fiancé after impaling herself on fence.

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In a bizarre twist, a 33 year old woman is suing property owner after being impaled by an uncapped
Victorian fence on November 1, 2008. The South Ballarat woman, Ms. Michelle Eggleston, at the time
was drunk and urinating over a wall when she lost her footing and fell. She sustained considerable injury
to her groin, as the fence penetrated her abdomen requiring surgery. According to Victoria’s Supreme
Court her lawsuit claims that the fence was poorly put together and that no proper signage warned
individuals of the potential danger. Also part of her claim is that due to the injury she underwent painful
surgeries to repair the damage, suffered post operative depression, and has been unable to work since
the incident. The property owner, her former fiancé, has not commented thus far on the allegations. Ms.
Eggleston’s attorneys are expected to bring the case to trial later this year.

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